During the winter 2023/2024 we will have a cooperation with an local hotel. This means that it will not be possible to book any tours.

Welcome to Pitea sleddog tours!

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to ride a sled, feel the power of the dogs and just hear the sound of paws moving over the white snow? Then we think it's time for you to come join us and our friendly dogs, we give you the chance to feel the cold bite your face at the same time as you get a trill of joy behind our excellent athletes.

Experience our beautiful nature covered in crystal white snow or take a later tour and we get a chance of seeing the Aurora Borealis dancing in the sky!

“According to the legend of the northern peoples, the blue-eyed huskies appeared when the dog looked out into the frozen ocean, the cold of the ocean was so limitless and beautiful that it penetrated the heart of the dog and captured it completely! then the dog’s eyes became the dog’s eyes. color of ice and sea water…
Brown-eyed Huskies, according to legend, appeared when the dog looked at the fire the flames were so warm and beautiful in the infinite cold that they penetrated the dog’s soul and filled it with unbridled warmth, then the dog’s eyes glowed with fire amber…
So there were dogs with an unflappable cold heart and icy eyes, and with a fiery soul and warm eyes, and each was beautiful in its own way…
The legend says that, as a result of the union of a dog of ice and fire, puppies with different eyes were born, one eye was colder than the ocean and the other hotter than fire, these dogs absorbed so much boldness fearless as the warmest kindness. The different-eyed dogs in the northern peoples were valued and revered as mystical creatures, everyone wanted to have such a dog, because the northern peoples believed that combining ice and flame brings happiness and peace to the home…”

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Alexandra Sgier at Fit-Click is the one that takes care of our dogs through massage and physiotherapy. Everything to makes sure they are in best possible health all year round.